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Our Belief

We believe in the potential of communities to empower individuals. We all have numerous emotions and thoughts during the day and most of them get repressed. It has been proven, beyond doubt, that sharing your problems gives you the power to deal with them better, and also brings some two bits from people who have been through the same. 

A community

Soulipi is a community where you can share your feelings and thoughts. It is clear that venting yourself or penning down your thoughts is therapeutic and has many advantages. And to top it up, there are people who have been through the same who can give their learnings. That is all - make friends that empower.

We know time is valuable and you need guidance every day and at any time, that is why Soclips are just 1-minute long. Soclips is our version of guidance. We have developed short video clips of expert advice on specific issues. For example, a short video by a child counselor on how to deal with bullying.

Expert Advise

Some extra support

Mental fitness is something that we need to work on together, as a community. This is why we have several extra activities, including webinars and workshops, and podcasts and articles by experts and survivors. We want to ensure you are excited about your mental health.

Coming Up

The mental fitness needs of the people are of utmost importance to us. We are listening to you and keep rolling out new features. Please start using the app and stay connected.

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