The Idea

About Us

We are creating a global community of people who are interested in a dialogue around relationships and enabling them to experience the roller-coaster ride with a deeper understanding. We believe that problems should not be the only thing that needs depth, even the small gestures, the love between people and the ways in which passions can manifest themselves. We believe relationships are pieces of art to be refined everyday.


To have a non-judgmental community that shares and discusses similar yet diverse experiences with relationships to grow and evolve together with a sense of togetherness and empathy.

We aspire to create a reality where people are able to understand the myriads of relationships and the possibilities, the nuances of expression and the self growth that takes place in the process.

Meet the Team

The dreamers

Vasudev Bajpai


With experience in mobilising people and planning campaigns for a not-for-profit organisation founded by him, Vasudev brings to the table creative as well as strategic skills. Coming from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, his love for people sharing stories started the journey of Soulipi.

Vishal Nikumbh


Vishal is a serial entrepreneur who bears the responsibility to establish organisational frameworks, including team and infrastructure management. His vision to spread Indianness into the corners of the world using technology guided him into Soulipi.

Advising Us

Behind every dream, there are people who work selflessly to help turn it into reality. We have been privileged to have the guidance of such a dynamic personality who empowers us to be better everyday.

Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

Founder-CEO, Lucknow Farmers Market

She founded Lucknow Farmers Market creating the first sustainable online community in India connecting grassroot level entrepreneurs, artisans and farmers with consumers with an interactive space to learn to live sustainably. Focused on sustainable livelihoods, she has been working on skill development and creating self-reliance amongst women’s groups in Village Saidanpur, Distt. Barabanki and in Lucknow since 2011.

Johnathan Doe

Founder-CEO, Lucknow Farmers Market

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