The rebellious teenager

I have had quite a complex relationship with my parents, especially my mother; it’s not that we had a sour relationship rather it was more of a bittersweet relationship, we had our good moments and our bad moments. Of course, it is all in the past now and we have a stronger relationship now than […]

“She was no longer around”

“You’ll understand what I say when you reach my age”, this is what we’ve heard every single time there’s a difference in opinion with an elder. No two generations have the same views and options been shared; when the gap is double, views become like sky and earth that cannot be met. The gulf between […]

Everything is going to be okay

From a walking talking guide of “Mai apni favourite hoon” to a running sad shadow “Mai to bhaag rahi hoon”, from Anshuman who was assumed to be Aditya leaving me with a decaying broken heart in this lockdown, I always had a one-way ticket to home. A place where with a father’s healing touch and […]