Nagging Parents

Parenthood, however we perceive it to be, is essentially the chance given to a human to raise and nurture another human being. It is similar yet so distinct from other kinds of relationships. Apart from being so many dynamic things, parenthood is a feeling you get when you gaze at a tiny wonder and adore […]

Just Keep Walking

“You are just a scared little kid, you’ve always been.” They say time never stops. But when it does what are you supposed to do with it? Do you keep moving unconsciously? Or do you stop to feel unfelt, see the unseen, hear the unheard? When life takes a break, do you waste your time […]

The rebellious teenager

I have had quite a complex relationship with my parents, especially my mother; it’s not that we had a sour relationship rather it was more of a bittersweet relationship, we had our good moments and our bad moments. Of course, it is all in the past now and we have a stronger relationship now than […]

“She was no longer around”

“You’ll understand what I say when you reach my age”, this is what we’ve heard every single time there’s a difference in opinion with an elder. No two generations have the same views and options been shared; when the gap is double, views become like sky and earth that cannot be met. The gulf between […]

Everything is going to be okay

From a walking talking guide of “Mai apni favourite hoon” to a running sad shadow “Mai to bhaag rahi hoon”, from Anshuman who was assumed to be Aditya leaving me with a decaying broken heart in this lockdown, I always had a one-way ticket to home. A place where with a father’s healing touch and […]

The North-South Indian

Every Sunday, at 9:00 a.m., a group of 4 friends would come over to my house to enjoy a south indian breakfast of medu vadas, dosas and idlis. This was a ritual which had its root in an incident which took place in the past.

Akashic learning for better relationships

A successful relationship may last for a day, a year or a lifetime. Revisit the notion that successful relationships are those that continue till the end of time and that relationships take work and require compromise and sacrifice.