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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A “successful” relationship may last for a day, a year or a lifetime. However, we are conditioned by the society to believe that “successful” relationships are those that continue, and that “relationships take work” and require compromise and sacrifice. As an Akashic Mentor, I always got the insight of the patterns why such behaviors actually blocked people’s ability to manifest abundance. Relationships play a major role in our personal growth. There’s obviously a reason we all incarnate together into this human experience. Through our relationships, we learn more about who we are, and who we are not. From an ego and emotional perspective, people may also be very attached to making a relationship continue, even if it is no longer serving them.

I’ve found most relationships have problems due to non-communication. When partners start communicating their feelings towards each other honestly all problems can easily get resolved. This exercise tried between siblings, coworkers, student-teachers, and parent-child cleared a lot of outward behavior.

I’ve never come across a case where a partner could not find something complimentary about the particular characteristic that they are complaining about. Often this simple exercise proves to be a turning point in the whole relationship. Before Akashic Records Reading, I used to mention, intuitively, to each partner to write the opposite of each accusation. And even the quality that they once admired or still admire.

One man to whom I gave this advice carried it a step further. The same evening post our session he sat down next to his wife in the evening with a notepad and a pen, looked at her speculatively from time to time, and began to write.

Finally, his wife asked him “What are you doing?” and he replied ” Writing your good qualities”. And she echoed saying ” Good qualities?” she was totally surprised and sounded quite sarcastic and added, “I didn’t know you thought I had any”.

But he said “Well, you do”, and went on writing. Out of curiosity his wife wanted to see what he had written and asked him to show her the notepad. He did end up showing the notepad, and she read what he had written with pleasure and totally amazed.

She asked “Why? , I had no idea that anything about me pleased you anymore.” And he responded saying “Lots of things do upset and anger me, but a few don’t” she asked him to write the ones that upset him as well and show her. To which he said he will share that provided she did the same for him.

The result of this simple exercise – both of them got their grievances out in the open in such a calm and friendly way that they were able to resolve quite a few of them.

The “Akashic” Relationship session is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a relationship can help us align with our Divine self-expression. This reading is not limited to romantic relationships and partnerships. It can be done for parents/children, siblings, business partners, and close friends as well. The goal is to encourage both people to regard each other from a Soul perspective, to know why they have chosen to experience the relationship with each other and to acknowledge and clear blocks and restrictions that may have been affecting the relationship.


Debjani Ghosh is the founder of and a certified hypnotherapist( CHII), graphologist, akashic, lama fera & shamanic practioner. As an Akashic Mentor she has been helping people with relationship, physical and mental health issues for life transforming results. An IIM-C alumni, she is a soul life coach for the last 7 year.

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